Graduate and Postgraduate Academic Support

You want to finish your degree, but somehow you lost interest. You know you cannot discontinue your studies now, but you also do not know how to regain your passion. Maybe you are struggling with your research, at a loss - you do not know how to finish what you have started. You know you need to complete this journey, but you lack motivation. You even doubt your intellectual abilities, and wonder if you will ever walk over the stage at graduation. It may be that you have failed subjects, and you do not know how to get back into a study mode.

If you do not take action now, you will not experience the satisfaction of obtaining that degree you have worked for hours on end. You have already invested so much money, spending your time studying, and it will be all for nothing. Without your degree, you will never land that dream job or opportunity.

Academic Support With Herman

Stop procrastinating. Allow me to show you how to put on your study boots again, and create the future you deserve. I combine my teaching, supervision, and coaching experience during powerful personalised sessions to guide you towards the elimination of all those negative beliefs and self-doubt. Sessions can be done in person or online.

Experience the joy and success of passing that module you have been battling with. See yourself completing the research you have been busy with for far too long. Feel the ecstasy of being capped during graduation, and holding that degree in your hand. Coaching with me will allow you to excel as an academic achiever. You will be able to grab opportunities and seize the moment, completing what you have started, and tasting the success of reaching your full potential.