Subject Choice and Career Guidance

You are confused about what subjects to choose. You know the right subjects are crucial, because your future is determined by your choices.

You are not sure what you want to do after school, and that makes it even more difficult to decide which subjects to choose. At times, you do not know if you are coming or going, and you may also struggle keeping up good grades. There is constant pressure from teachers and your parents, and the stress is nipping at your heels. Perhaps you are even losing hope.

The inability to obtain good grades will limit the choices you have later on in life.

Even if your grades are good, but you are confused about the subjects you should take, you may end up making the wrong choices that will have a negative impact on your career path. The added pressure from teachers and parents may ultimately lead to more stress, and you will be less motivated to study and perform well. This can lead to a vicious circle of non-performance and uncertainty about your future.

Career Guidance With Herman

Stop your negative thoughts immediately. Attend coaching and guidance sessions that will encourage and equip you to make the best possible choices for your future. My experience in teaching, psychology, and psychometrics - together with excellent and effective coaching techniques - will have you back on track in no time. Sessions can either be done in a consultation room, or online.

Experience a renewed interest in your chosen subjects, and be inspired to excel in your academic work. Coaching with me will change your mind-set, and allow you to make better career choices. A transformation process will empower you towards an exciting and bright future. Experience a renewed interest in and passion for your school work, and you will achieve the grades you know you deserve. School will become a place you look forward to go to, and you will enjoy the exposure to new knowledge. Subjects and career choices will no longer be a dark cloud around your head, you will view this challenge as a stepping stone towards a brilliant future.