Low Self-esteem and Bullying

You look into the mirror, and you do not like what you see. Actually, there is very little, if anything, that you like about yourself. The problem is, it seems as if other people also do not like you, and you might even be the victim of bullying. You do not think of yourself as talented, and you do not believe that you can achieve greatness.

At times, you may even feel depressed, not wanting to get out of bed and face a new day.

You are too scared to say no to people, and have become a people pleaser. There is nothing that anyone can say that will make you feel better about yourself. You constantly doubt your own abilities, and hardly ever take initiative to make suggestions - at school, work, or around friends. You feel as if you have become stuck in neverending daily routines where you would like to disappear back into a safe place where there are no expectations and where you cannot disappoint others and yourself.

Your ongoing negative self-talk and low self-esteem will prevent you from becoming who you were born to be - the best possible version of yourself.

You will never venture out and take chances, and never know what you really can achieve. You will be stuck in a world of uncertainty, never believing in yourself, and not even believe others when they say positive things about you. Opportunities will pass you by, because you will not believe that you are good enough to grab them. There will be no special achievements at school or bonuses at work, because you do not allow people to see your true potential. You may stay stuck in a position that you hate, but you are too scared to leave, because you do not believe that you can do better.

Self-Esteem Coaching With Herman

Explore all the aspects of yourself, and experience the greatness that you can achieve. Coaching with me will allow you to create new opportunities for yourself by starting to believe in who you are, and to rediscover the power within yourself. You will conquer the lies that negative self-talk create. You will be able to jump-start your potential, and experience things you never thought possible.

You will stop putting yourself down, and will not allow others to do so either. You will reclaim your voice, and stand up for yourself. You will see that the reflection in the mirror is a mere image of what you are creating yourself, and that you have the power to change it. Your life will be transformed to showcase self-confidence and excellence. You will know and believe what you are truly capable of - achieving greatness. Your own limiting beliefs will no longer keep you from achieving your goals.